May 2019 Agile Connect Meetup!

Thursday 16 May 2019

Starts 19:00 PM

Finishes 21:00 PM

Organized by Agile Connect Lisbon

Venue: Zalando Digital Portugal

Address: Av. da Liberdade 225A

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About this event

Agenda: • 19:00 - Welcome to Agile Connect! • 19:10 – “SAFe Journey in Nokia” by Sónia Won (Agile Coach @ EDP - and Ricardo Fernandes (R&D Line Manager @ Nokia - • 20:00 – "Agile Management and the role of the Agile Coach as an Agent of Changes and Transformation" by Andy Barbosa (Founder of Agile Institute Brazil - • 20:50 - Coffee Break • 21:00 - Finish Descriptions: “SAFe Journey in Nokia” Wood pulp mill to making paper, electricity business, galoshes and other rubber products, telephone, telegraph and electrical cables, network equipment, televisions, computers, mobile phones. For more than 150 years, Nokia reinvented itself at its products, processes, and culture. During 11 years, Sonia Won lived and embrace the Nokia transformation to Agile. It was a hard but necessary journey to adapt to this VUCA world! Currently, Ricardo Fernandes is actively working on the SAFe transformation. This talk is to share all the lessons learned and to learn in this amazing Nokia safe journey! "Agile Management and the role of the Agile Coach as an Agent of Changes and Transformation" In this session I will speaking on agile management and the roles of Agile Coach, mainly as changes agent and transformation. Andy will address the principles and practices of the agile organisations, how do they differ of traditional organisations, also their characteristics and challenges, as well as the purpose of the Agile Coach in these environments. We will know the 12 hats of Agile Coach, the types of Agile Coach, where he can act, your hard and soft skills.

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