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Certified ScrumMaster®

Thursday 1 October 2020

Starts 9:00 AM

Finishes 18:00 PM

Organized by Radtac Portugal

Venue: Oriente Museum Lisbon

Address: Doca de Alcântara (norte)
Av. Brasília
1350-352 Lisboa

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About this event

Certified Scrum Master® (Scrum Alliance)


Improving compliance transparency, operating result and return on sales by leading or operating inside an agile organization requires delivering and iteratively improving the business goals and KPI’s most accelerated by agility.

Upon completion attendees will be able to make business commitments that are responsible and likely to be achieved by their executive led business transformation, which early indicators and trends will allow them to manage, iterate, and deliver their commitment with the least overhead, and which types of executive intervention and timing they must request to have the most positive business impact for the least effort.

Intention will also be focused on domain specific skills required to reduce delivery risk and improve commercial success and engagement by the workforce. A transformed company is practiced, calm, trained, energized, and focused. Our rollout of training and team launches creates the delivery teams required to delight investors, customers, leaders, and the teams themselves.

The team intending to lead your workshop has worked in Tesla, Toyota, Ford, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Bosch, Saab, MAN, The US Air Force, The Australian Army, and their suppliers, among others. They have also worked in the technology giants HP, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Cisco, and their partners. Your team and their work have been referenced in Harvard Business Review, CNN Money, Forbes, The Asahi Shimbun and Nikkei in Japan, and mainstream financial news coverage globally. Many pundits would say there is not a higher qualified team in the world to counsel your leadership coalition on how best to conduct their executive led agile transformation.

- excerpt from course materials and our work directly with Dr. Denner

Our Scrum Master Class is business focused, business driven, and yet fully human and respectful of the workforce. The course is intended for executives, their direct reports, and the coalition of employees and partners required to deliver the intended business objective. As a result, typically entire business units participate with representatives from key planning, approval, and funding functions, as well as representation of the involved supplier network. Individuals are also fully welcome to attend alone and are accommodated. Our Scrum Master courses is appropriate for all levels of business agility skills and there are no prerequisites.

Certified Scrum Master seminars cover all the curriculum required by the governing credentialing bodies to take their “Scrum Master” test. After completing the class, all participants will receive an email invitation to take the certification exam. The cost of certification is included in the course price.


This course will benefit anyone who seeks to achieve the role of ScrumMaster® to drive a Scrum project, and applies to those with a background as Customer/Users, Project Managers or Developers. It will also benefit anyone who is to be involved in a Scrum Project, and in any of the Scrum Roles. The course is also suitable for those involved in transitioning to Scrum within their own organisation.

Meet the Trainer

Joe Justice

TEDxRainier - Joe Justice - WikiSpeed

Joe Justice works globally as an interim executive for agile organizations, bringing multinational companies increased return on capital. His teams have held 4 world records. He is a TEDx speaker, guest lecturer at both MIT and Oxford University in England, featured in Forbes 5 times to date including as owner of a “Company to watch” by Forbes Billionaire Club, cited in more than 6 business paperbacks and hardcovers, the subject of a Discovery Channel mini-documentary for his work creating the disciplines Extreme Manufacturing, Scrum@Hardware, The Justice Method, and has worked directly for 6 years with the co-creator of Scrum, Dr. Jeff Sutherland.

Joe has worked with all of the top 3 military and defense contractors, autonomous and smart road tec

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