Aveiro Community Meetup #36 -Things mom didn't tell you about Enterprise Agility

Wednesday 23 September 2020

Starts 18:30 PM

Finishes 20:00 PM

Organized by Agile Connect Aveiro

Venue: Online/Virtual

Address: Online event on your device
8600 Lisboa

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About this event

Hello Agile Connect Aveiro Community! Here comes our 36th meetup!

The 4th online edition, remotely held in partnership with Braga and Porto Communities =D


18h:30m - Welcome

18h:40m - What your mom didn’t tell you about Enterprise Agility and Change in companies, by Erich R. Bühler

20h00m - Closing

Chances are your mom never told you that managers need tools to increase agility - not just in the IT department but across the entire company. She probably never informed you that grown-ups have to deal with people who hold different values and mindsets, all of whom need to feel comfortable in the face of accelerated change. And she definitely didn’t mention that human beings are not physiologically prepared for constant alterations in processes, roles, and ways of working.

Unfortunately, if members of a company cannot accept new situations and realities (mental agility), along with acceptable levels of personal stress, they will struggle to adapt to new situations (outcomes agility).

How do you help people from all areas of the company to be flexible enough to feel comfortable with constant change? How do you lower their resistance to new situations and enable them to be open to new ideas, with positive and proactive attitudes toward learning?

In the first part of this groundbreaking session, acclaimed Leading Exponential Change author Erich R. Bühler helps you experience what employees feel when exposed to situations that challenge their values. This exercise will open you to new possibilities and rewire your brain to understand why certain widely used Agile practices don’t get the expected results.

In the second part of the session, Bühler explores enterprise agility and neuroscience of change to help you understand what it is, and teach you how to make people comfortable when dealing with constant change.

As Bühler shares his hard-earned experience in the realm of enterprise change, you will increase your understanding of enterprise agility, recognize its relationship to mental agility, learn about change plans, and discover models that will help you accelerate the adoption of new ideas in your company.


Erich R. Bühler is the author of the #1 book on Enterprise Agility and Neuroscience of change: “Leading Exponential Change” 2nd edition. He is also an organizational consultant helping companies and coaches around the world.


The meetup will take place on Tuesday, September 23rd, 6:30 pm - 8 p.m., online.

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